Explore Zeelandic Flanders

In Zeelandic Flanders you have time, there is space for cycling, hiking and playing,you can enjoy exceptional culinary, and there are abundant natural treasures.
Numerous signposted cycling and walking routes, some of which are cross-border, allow you to enjoy the polder landscape with its winding dikes. Mother nature did her utmost best in this region and you will undoubtedly pass one of the many nature reserves. Cycling through the dunes along the 17 km long beach is a unique experience.
Zeelandic Flanders has a rich history. Attractive villages and towns such as Retranchement, Aardenburg, Groede, IJendijke, and St. Anna ter Muiden give you a good image of this region’s past. A visit to the town of Sluis is a must during your stay. Combine a nice walk over the ramparts with an afternoon of shopping and a visit to the only Belfry of the Netherlands. 
The Flemish hinterland
The hospitable Flanders is just a few kilometres away from Camping Wulpen. Damme is a great place to cycle around, in the medieval towns of Bruges and Ghent you will experience the olden days, and in the fashionable Knokke you can stroll along the boulevard with many shops and galleries.   

Tips for a day out